What does FUSE stand for?

FUSE stands for Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education, Inc.


What is the principal goal of FUSE?

The principal goal of FUSE is to help strengthen through training programs, teaching effectiveness especially in Science, Mathematics and English


When was its first organizational meeting held?

On December 1, 1994 at the Century Park Hotel.


What does CONSTEL stand for?

CONSTEL is the popular acronym for Continuing Studies Via Television. It is the latest multimedia approach to helping teachers become effective in teaching their respective subject areas, especially Science, Mathematics and English.


How does one become a member?

1. By volunteering your expertise especially in teacher training in High School English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and  Elementary Sciences during summer and semestral break.

2. By volunteering your expertise in Monitoring & Evaluation during the Provincial Teacher Training during summer  and semestral break.

3. By attending (3) three consecutive General Assembly meetings every 4th Tuesday of the month
a. to have an overview of what FUSE is all about
b. to get involved/volunteer on the basis of your record of active interest.

4. By submitting you application form via online to the Secretariat for Executive Committee approval.


What fees do members pay?



What benefits do members enjoy?

A free copy of its publication, FUSION, intellectual stimulation and exchange during its monthly assemblies (breakfast provided free), opportunities for professional networking access to the use CONSTEL tapes, plus the bonus of developing new friendships.


How do we acquire CONSTEL tapes?

CONSTEL tapes and their accompanying teachers Support Materials (TSMs) are available only to schools, public and private. These are given free on a first-come first-served basis since the supply is limited but priority is given to those with TV set and video player.