Over 4,000 students from public high schools in depressed communities in Metro Manila had visited the Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) to undergo “hands-on minds-on” activities at the facility, the first interactive science center-museum in the country. The participants were recipients of the “Science Beyond Classroom” project of the Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education

More than 39,000 teachers will be hired by the Department of Education (DepEd) and an additional 31,000 classrooms will be constructed this year to support the implementation of the K to 12 program, which takes effect in 2016. Representatives Roman Romulo (Pasig, Lone District) and Evelina Escudero (Sorsogon, 1st District) told the recent monthly general

Teaching, the High-tech Way

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 by

The Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education (FUSE) is using modern technology to improve teaching through Continuing studies via Television (Constel). The Constel video compact discs (VCDs) are not only shown on Knowledge Channel but are also available for free to students and teachers. FUSE has distributed 400,000 Constel VCDs since it was organized

Learning literature by talking

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More students learn literature better by allowing them to talk instead of being talked to. This is according to writer-lecturer Isagani Cruz, who recommends that the better way to teach literature is to allow students to talk at least half of the time. Cruz said this method is being developed in a series of literature

Teaching made easy the high-tech way

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Teachers need not shed sweat and tears in preparing for the next day’s class. Writer and lecturer Isagani Cruz says modern teachers can take the path of least resistance by simply going to the Internet. “There is no reason nowadays to try to think up of new ways of teaching” bacause “all the effective ways